It's not easy setting up shop in America.

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But we wanted to. 

We've been working in the fashion industry for over 5 years. Brands don't produce domestically anymore. It's not profitable for big companies, and it's hard to assemble the right skilled team and equipment. And why bother when there are so many factories abroad?

Because, for the customer, there are huge advantages to making product in America.

First, you're not buying dated designs. With other companies, silhouettes are decided on almost a year before they show up on the shelves. We design for what people want right now, not what we think they'll want next year.

You're supporting your neighbors. You're investing in the future of local craftspeople, designers, and shoe makers.

You're not contributing to the pollution of fast fashion. The moment you press 'buy' -- that's when we start handcrafting your shoes. There is no waste. 

We believe that modern brands can be produced in America. It just takes guts and ingenuity. 

Don't hesitate to reach out.

Brandon Cohn, Founder