Avoiding the One-offs

A distinguishing feature of our footwear are the lasts we use. Lasts are the forms that help construct the shoes' silhouettes.

Several countries have experienced last producing companies, but we source from Italy.

We have a great manufacturer that helps us get the specific detailing we need for each form. The precision is really important, because without it we can't have a proper fit.

And, fit has everything to do with customer experience. Something I think most retailers don't understand is that customer experience doesn't end when a product is purchased, it continues through use.

As a consumer, I find that I typically have one-off experiences with companies. Something catches my eye, I purchase it, and the experience of wearing the item is not delightful enough to make me vouch for the brand.

I wonder how much fit and comfort plays a role in this. Styling is obviously important, but isn't comfort just as important?

Brandon Cohn