Heavy Shoes vs. Light Shoes

There always seems to be a debate going on between heavy shoes and light shoes. Which is better? And, more importantly, when is which one better? Running, chilling, working? Grabbing coffee? Night out?

Maybe it's asking too much to be this picky, but I don't know. And, isn't light and durable always the right answer? 

I think there's two forces in play:

1) Brands have a very difficult time pulling off a shoe that is both light and durable. It's cost prohibitive and just plain hard to make.

2) Consumers have been convinced to associate weight with quality.

It's a bit silly though... we're talking about shoes, not dumbbells. Maybe it's that we think of a light weight product as not being substantial. Or, that it's missing something.

I think we should Pepsi challenge this one.

Brandon Cohn