In Common

ISPO recently came out with an article on why fashionable sports shoes are in higher demand than high-heels. 

The reason for this shift is not obvious, but it does reveal an important 'new' market. I put new in quotes because it's not really new, it's just that it's only now being recognized as truly important.

Question: what do Barry's Bootcamp, SoulCycle, and Barree have in common? If you said exercising and getting in shape, you're right but actually wrong. These fitness companies all provide a venue for consumers to build a new wardrobe for themselves.

Athleisure is this wardrobe, and non-fashion companies continue driving this business. It's a secret that nobody seems to be talking about. It's why NYSC has fashion boutiques in their store fronts and why Abercrombie and Fitch and Footlocker had breakout earnings last quarter.

It's less about the retail stores and more about the non-retail stores. It's less about being associated with Footlocker and more about having footwear that makes a statement when you're hitting the treadmill.

Brandon Cohn