Founder Thought #11

Feet may take you places, but footwear can take you places with confidence.

And, I think quality, in some ways, can be a fuel for confidence. Fine footwear shouldn’t be purchased so that it can be traded in next year. It shouldn’t have to be re-bottomed in three months because the stitching is lackluster. It should stay with you, and hold the memories you’ve made in the curves of the leather and the lines of its silhouette.

Fine footwear should last with you like old watches or leather jackets— they should get better with age and become personalized the more often you wear them and the more places you wear them to.

Do you travel often? Do you keep magnets on your fridge of where you’ve been? Or, perhaps you have a bag, or a water bottle, that goes everywhere with you? Take a second to think of what brought you there.

Care about your shoes, and wear your adventures (and misadventures) with pride. This is what truly grounds us. 


Brandon Cohn