Asymmetric Footwear

The NY Times recently published an article on asymmetric jewelry. We also saw asymmetric jewelry all over the Spring 2018 runway. What we never (or, rarely ever) see are asymmetric shoes. Why?

It's not for lack of creativity, and it's not a production issue; we distinguish between left and right shoes on the lasts anyway. 

It's cultural. Symmetry is correlated with beauty. The more symmetrical a face is, the more attractive we find it. The more symmetrical a baby's features are, the longer we engage with him or her.

Only recently have we started exploring untraditional beauty standards via androgyny and body acceptance. Our notions of beauty are being shattered, and we're witnessing this in our fashion. We've all seen asymmetrically ripped jeans, and asymmetric jewelry is starting to trend.

This will eventually hit all fronts, including footwear. From a business perspective, the question isn't if asymmetry will become important but when. And, will it signal a cultural shift in footwear design or a fad with little staying power?

Brandon Cohn