Socks and Shoes

Socks and shoes are a winning combination-- obviously. But, we never see socks and shoes intentionally paired together in retail. Why is that?

The opportunity is there, but production is a barrier. Sneaker development and sock development are two completely different businesses. Lasts and leather have little to do with textiles and knitting machines.

For startups, this is reason enough to avoid the sneaker and sock pairing game. You can't price effectively by purchasing such low-volume from a a third party. And, for larger retailers, the hassle of combining bespoke socks with sneakers just isn't worth it. What we're left with are basic socks cranked out from high volume mills, thrown next to otherwise well-thought-out shoes.

Also, the public isn't willing to spend enough money on a single pair of socks to make it worth a sock company's attention. Money for these manufacturers comes through volume, not margin.

Shoe brands need to find small, talented, domestic sock makers. Avoid the logistical and financial hassle of paying oppressive import duty fees and go straight to the (imaginary) neighborhood source.

Small batch domestic sock manufacturing; there's an opportunity somewhere in there.

Brandon Cohn