Starbucks and Experiential Retail, 1/2

Imagine if Starbucks sold jeans.

They wouldn't be Starbucks branded jeans. They would have a different but equally cool name and a small, discrete logo along the back pocket. They'd be worn-in but not too edgy. The colors would be seasonal but no gaudy. Like their coffee, the jeans would be simultaneously bold and laid back.

Their reason-for-being would remain coffee first, of course. But, why not try on a pair of jeans while you're there? After all, you've been working behind your laptop for an hour now. And, wouldn't it be nice to take a step away from it? They wouldn't carry inventory either, because you'd rather them ship directly to your home anyway.

You're going to continue hearing a lot about 'Experiential Retail' of the next few years. When you do, think about Starbucks.

Brandon Cohn