Founder Thought #5

Hey team,

This is Brandon jumping in. We had a logistics issue come up last night that I thought you might find interesting.

We're doing a sneaker production run for a famous artist. We have the style designed out, and the silhouette requires a very particular last that we put in to development a few weeks ago. We received the box of lasts yesterday, and every last is missing except for three right sides (coincidentally a 44, 45, and 46). There's a huge hole in the corner of the box, and it's obvious that all 13 pair of lasts had fallen out in transit.

How nobody caught this between Europe and the United States, I don't understand. And, it made it through customs, so I know there was nothing wrong with how it was shipped originally. Regardless, yesterday evening and this morning have been a series of phone calls with the supplier, who rightfully says they didn't do anything wrong and is doing everything possible to re-produce a series of lasts, and a shipping company that is being less than helpful.

In the meantime, we're in contract and these sneakers need to go out. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.


Brandon Cohn