The Next Great Sneaker Deal

WSJ Headline today: "How Nike Is Reinventing the Great Sneaker Scavenger Hunt"

This screams earned media and a litmus test for the branding power of non-athletes. In New York City, David Chang carries more sway than the most famous Knick (Kristaps Porzingis?). The industry for branded footwear on non-athletes/musicians is decidedly sparse. Nike is making a play.

It makes sense for David Chang as well, and any other celebrities that can hook in with the industry juggernauts. Why not spread your brand to fashion merchandise, if you can?

What doesn't make as much sense is what the consumer gets out of all this. Is there really such a high demand from sneaker enthusiasts vying to be the next David Chang, that it warrants his name being on a shoe? Or, is Nike just after the PR, waiting in the wings for the next Michael Jordan of the non-sports/music world to come along?

Brandon Cohn