Vintage Ts

Vintage Ts are making a comeback. Or, at least, a brief resurgence. This feels more 'fad' than 'trend' to me, since it doesn't seem to be grounded in anything particularly substantive. Usually the more culturally important a fashion movement is, the sticker it is and the more likely it is to transcend social circles and demographics. Vintage Ts feels more like label-slapping band brands than it does anyone really being an evangelist for their favorite musicians.

I wonder if Pink Floyd is happy about Justin Bieber wearing their merchandise on stage? Thrilled probably isn't the right word for it but by association the look does pull Justin Bieber further in to the 'I'm an adult' realm and adds a little music history to his fan base, I guess..

I always wonder when these fashion changes take place if they're emotionally grounded or pure vanity. For example, does this resurgence say something about our appreciation for the great talent that came before us and who laid the foundation for what is today? Or, is it that seeing Kanye with Jon Pasche, Rolling Stones artwork is cool and a little ironic?

Brandon Cohn