Belts x Shoes

Ever get frustrated that you go to buy a pair of shoes and the retailer doesn't have an accompanying belt? Or, at least, a belt that works with the shoes. It's typically because the manufacturing facility they're using for their shoes is different than the facility they're using for their belts. This means that the leather they're using at each factory is different and so are the people making the goods. What you end up with is an assortment of shoes, and an assortment of belts, that don't compliment one another.

What's nice about our setup is that we're doing everything in house. This means our manufacturing facility can function for both footwear and belts. We're working on a collection of belts so that customers can assort their styles confidently.

This is one of the barriers you face by not having a physical location; you need to instill confidence in the customer that the collection they're buying is going to work together. Stay tuned for updates.

Brandon Cohn