Canada Goose and Smartwool

It's freezing in NYC today. 23 degrees and windy. At least, it's freezing for me. However, Canada Goose-s are all over the place, insulating people to the point where all they need to wear is a t-shirt underneath. It's remarkable really, and the quality has not gone unnoticed by the legions of loyal followers and the $300M CG brings in every year.

Translating to shoes, there's no need for this type of intense insulation because we all wear socks (sans Uggs for some?..), but I wonder if there's an opportunity to be had in the sock game. I can't think of any brand that brings the warmth that Canada Goose brings to outerwear, to socks.

Smartwool comes close. They're certainly leading the way with comfort, hygiene, and moisture wicking. The problem is your shoes get obnoxious when the socks aren't thin enough. A bigger push with sock technology is a must.

Brandon Cohn