The Rise of the Flat

There's an interesting article in the NY Times today about high-heeled emojis, sexualization, and the Women's Movement. I recommend you take a look not just for the social context it brings to fashion but what it says about fashion over the next 1 - 3 years.

At its core, I think it comments on confidence in what you wear. There's a tug about wearing what you think others want to see you in and what you want to see yourself in. Of course, the wires get crossed because you inherently want to see yourself in what others want to see you in. That's where the conflict resides and has a lot to do with the mental acrobatics we all go through when deciding on our wardrobe.

Ms. Steele makes a great comment: “The one hard-and-fast rule in fashion is that if it swings in one direction, it will swing back in the other direction.” We're seeing that now in the rise of the women's Flat. Here we see a nuanced mix of confidence, comfort, and 'fuck you, I'll wear what I want,' and it's something every business should take special note of.

Brandon Cohn