Made in America

Search 'Made in America,' and what do you find? #1, a link to Made in America Fest which doesn't work. #2, Made in America Store. #3, Made in America the movie. #4, ABC News. #5, The Made in America Movement. #6, Toby Keith.

For me, what's missing is a progressive Made In America sentiment. I don't mean politically progressive but artistically, stylistically, and aesthetically progressive. Made in Italy connotes luxury, Made in Japan connotes quality, Made in America connotes... tension?

What does our country stand for via its manufacturing and production? Who embodies Made in America, and why aren't more companies pushing the limits of what Made in America means?

We see it in the tech sector with companies like Tesla. But the fashion sector is decidedly mute on this point. I think it primarily comes from political tension. Made in America is typically associated with rural, and trending fashion brands are typically associated with urban. The concept of America is not consistent between these demographics, and something gets lost in the mix.

Brandon Cohn