Travel Options

There was a WSJ article that came out earlier this month that still bothers me. It's about travel and luggage. The line, 'a roller bag looks like you're pulling groceries behind you,' isn't true (who pulls groceries behind them?). A wheelie bag doesn't symbolize 'the stress of a harried traveler barrelling through the airport to catch a flight,' and a duffle bag definitely doesn't radiate 'rugged sophistication.'

And, the idea that 'travel may be a drag' is ridiculous. You literally get to fly through the air to your destination. It's an amazing experience, regardless of whatever leg room you do or don't have.

I don't understand the branding, and I don't understand who buys in to it. It feels a lot like a problem that few people have, fabricated to seem like the masses are in agreement. Does this type of branding work?

Brandon Cohn