Founder Thought #3

Hey team. Let's get it going.

There's a significant difference between American and New American cuisine. American cuisine means hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza (for some, it might mean cheese steaks and fries, but the concept is the same). New American cuisine is modernized, fusion cooking: sauteed brussel sprouts, shishito peppers, oxtail, etc.

There's adventure in New American food. There's exciting combinations. There's a discovery of flavor. Some people think of it as being pretentious, but it doesn't have to be. We all love food, so why not try to redefine what American food stands for? Why can't we push the boundaries and offer new experiences?

It's a silly example, but the way we eat and the way we think have a lot in common. And, it has a lot to do with the clothing we choose to wear.


Brandon Cohn