Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas everyone. Hope all is going well for you today.

My one-year-old niece got a few gifts for the holidays this year, but the wrapping paper was the real highlight for her. Anyone else find that children seem to like the tags, boxes, and paper more than the actual gifts? Makes you think that the gift giving is really for the parents.

The nerd in me asked for Benjamin Franklin's autobiography this year. I'm not a historian (and I have a pretty terrible memory for dates, names, places...), but I've been on a first-person autobiographical literature kick for some reason. Again, that's the nerd in me.

This time of year is always interesting because on the retail side there's a tremendous amount of stress being put on companies to deliver product and packages on time, meet sales expectations, and monitor their inventory effectively. And, on the family side, there's *hopefully* togetherness, relaxation, toasting, hot coffee, cold beer, cookies, and cake. Funny how supply and demand comes together some times.

Brandon Cohn