Made in Branding

Where a company manufactures it's product can have a big impact on how you think about the product. How do you feel about Persian rugs vs Belgian rugs? Belgian chocolate vs. Moroccan chocolate?  We have broad concepts of what country's specialize in, which in turn drives the value we place on certain brands and where they produce from.

Even with footwear, Made in America is typically not associated with the quality of footwear that's Made in Italy. How do we disrupt this idea? How do we define ourselves as a quality, progressive brand when the typical association of American footwear is quality, overly expensive, un-progressive product?

Part of why we believe in this push is that culturally the Country wants a brand to fill this slot. It's not that there's an active push for America not to drive what's fashionable and desirable in the footwear and apparel space, it's just that we're not doing it.

This is where we're we're making a stand and hinging the success of Lee & Barrett-- that we can pull off this movement.

Brandon Cohn