'Paper' Magazine

I was in an Urban Outfitters the other day, and there was a stack of 'Paper' magazines by the front door. They were from November, and the cover was of Nicki Minaj having a 'Minaj a Trois' with herself. Perhaps you've seen it. In my opinion, the Break the Internet. tag is genius, but it got me thinking about sex and advertising.

I think it's true that sex sells. But, when will it not? Or, rather, when will sex become passe. Not trendy. Not current. Not desirable. Not interesting.

Is it so ingrained in us biologically that it's the one constant that will always be there for progressive youth (and the curious of all ages), or is it a cultural trend like anything else that we'll cycle out of?

We've already seen more conservative looks earlier this year, but pop culture drives fashion and sex positive imaging is everywhere. Part of me thinks that, eventually, a pervading sex positive attitude will be so commonplace that sexuality in American culture won't be so gripping, but it's hard to think differently when 'Paper' gets front page news every time they have a cover spread.

Brandon Cohn