Founder Thought #9

Hey everyone, I hope you're all having a nice Holiday.

We're getting ready to launch another line at the beginning of January. We've also got new lasts coming in and a new type of foxing that we're going to try out on some of our development. We haven't been doing a lot of media outreach, but I think that's going to change starting with the new year. Especially now that we have production humming along and the back-end set up really efficiently.

We've also been considering getting in to belts and bags sometime soon, since we can produce out of the same manufacturing facility as our footwear. It's been the goal this whole time to eventually branch out in to other product, but I'm not sure if the timing makes sense right now. It's something to think about-- maybe a New Year's resolution?

Regardless, all is well on the Lee & Barrett front. Enjoy the end of the year, and get ready for 2018.


Brandon Cohn