Closing the Trust Gap

Blockchain has been all over the news, but it's been difficult for us to get our heads around why it's important. For an overview of Blockchain that struck us as particularly digestible and insightful, check out Richie Etwaru's talk.

In short, Etwaru says Blockchain will close the 'Trust Gap,' and any company that uses Blockchain will overtake a similar competitor, in a similar space, that doesn't use this technology. It got us thinking about all of the ways we trust in retail-- Made in ___, fair wages being paid, is the material what the manufacturer says it is, and so on. If there was a way to truly trust what a retailer says, I think it would add value to the product and enhance the customer experience.

Presently, we run with our gut when it comes to these judgement calls. We think a company is honest (or not) and hope for the best. We're used to functioning this way, and it feels perfectly normal to be constantly hesitant about what companies we can trust to be forthright.

Blockchain is complicated, and we (specifically I) don't pretend to understand it in great depth. But, closing the 'Trust Gap' is a fascinating endeavor, and something we'll be watching as it pertains to retail and manufacturing.

Brandon Cohn