Social Media for 2018

I'm thinking at some point during the next year we're going to want to get some social media going. I'm hesitant to do it because so many companies seem to post social media accounts that aren't aligned with their brand identity. But, I'm wondering if there's a creative way to go about it that's different than the approach other companies take.

We also don't want to be a brand that espouses social media as our primary platform for presenting product and creating a voice. I don't think it will give us enough flexibility to show product, and I'm not sure if we're a brand for social media evangelists. We also don't want to partially do something, which raises the question, 'what's the right way for us to use social media?'. This is different than what's the right way in general to use social media, which is why there are so many generic social media accounts from companies that seem to just be taking up space.

I think it needs to happen organically, with others pitching our brand over these platforms first. From there, maybe we can generate our own presence that falls in line with what customers are saying about us and asking for.

Brandon Cohn