Happy New Year everyone. And, let me be the first to welcome you to 2018-- a decidedly soon-to-be badass year. I still have feelings of 2016 being kind of brutal and 2017 only being a little bit better, right? Maybe not. But, maybe?

Anyway, I think we can make some improvements. Cue 2018.

I wanted to clean the palette first of the most senseless trend of 2017, the ugly sneaker. I'm well aware that this is old news by now, but it's the one part of 2017 footwear fashion that still bothers me. Ugly sneakers don't make a social commentary about how ugly is now cool, it just means that your sneakers are ugly. Which is fine, but don't do it to make a statement. That's just silly.

It's also a marketing ploy. Which, again, is fine. But it seems odd to buy in to it like it's a new trend. Or an innovative way of creating a style. Or, cool. Or, haute couture. Or, fashion forward. etc.

Let's leave it in 2017. Maybe we can make 2018 about New American fashion sweeping the globe. Something with substance behind it.

Brandon Cohn