New Soles

Footwear soles can have a big effect on the make and feel of a style. Currently, our soles are brought in from a specific Italian factory that our CPO has worked with in the past. This factory is known throughout Italy for having the highest quality product, and they work closely with the last factories we use. It's been helpful having our sole factory, and last factories, work in tandem because it ensures that the the uppers and soles fit correctly.

To expand our product offering, we're now looking to include more tech-focused sole options. We're creating a line that speaks directly to performance-- we're finding that this is important to a lot of people, and we want to make sure that our product addresses the market.

Developing soles that work specifically for different types of performance (cold weather, running, skateboarding, hiking, etc.) is a business unto itself. Vibram is an industry leader in this space, and we're speaking with them about partnering on our upcoming line.

Following up on yesterday's post, we'll probably incorporate Vibram soles in to our line with the foxing method. Stay tuned for updates!

Brandon Cohn