The Remarkable Walmart Inc.

Officially shifting titles from Wal-Mart Stores to Walmart Inc. may not be impressive in itself, but that they somehow pulled it off from an optics perspective is beyond impressive. They went from being a brand known as a suburban discount chain offering fair-to-low quality product at affordable prices, to a tech juggernaut that's growing, the only viable competitor to Amazon. This should be a beacon for any mature retail chain looking to make an adjustment.

What's interesting is that they haven't changed their core message: 'Save Money, Live Better.' While to some this phrase may imply frugality, it's as if they've pivoted slightly so that it simply means that you're being intelligent with your money. Walmart's core customers (those making up the over $300 billion in revenue they take in annually), will argue that Walmart was always about spending money intelligently. These consumers are correct, but it's amazing that Walmart has convinced urban millennials that this is correct. Purchasing Jet, and a variety of other young startups in the retail space, is drawing in wealthier demographics. Walmart is representing value across the mid-tier and even premium quality levels, while staying on-message.

Brandon Cohn