Snow, in NYC

It's New York City's first snow day. That means a few things: toasty coffee shops, slick sidewalks, and trying to figure out what to wear because it's freezing outside and 1,000 degrees in the subway.

It means the beginning of enormous snow piles being packed in to the corners of each avenue, followed by warm spells that melt most of the snow, leaving small swimming pools connecting each intersection so that it's nearly impossible to move from one street to the next.

It means ramen shops become increasingly popular. And, for some reason, fro-yo and ice cream shops also become increasingly popular? I've never understood this one, but it's true.

SantaCon is today as well, which means booze is flowing faster than the snow is falling, which also means that tonight is going to be absolute chaos in the Village. This, in turn, means that the City is going to be collectively hungover tomorrow morning. Which, as we all know, is the perfect way to kick off the first snow day.

Brandon Cohn