The World of Playboy

There's an interesting article in the WSJ today about 'The World of Playboy.' It discusses how the brand is looking to revitalize itself since editorials aren't as popular as they used to be (no way!), and porn/sexuality is about as democratized as you can get (see Wednesday's post on 'Paper').

The move? Label slap Playboy on a bunch of lifestyle products and call it a lifestyle brand. Which, seems odd to me. It's not like they're going from Apple Computers to Apple. They're just trying to further themselves as a licensing company, hoping that the Playboy name carries enough weight for licensees to care and the licensees' customers to really care.

How much money are they willing to throw at this? Well, they're trying to raise $25M - $100M in outside equity, which means quite a bit for a bunny logo. I'm not saying there's no value in the brand-- there certainly is. But, does that means it can be revitalized? Does that mean it can scale?

Probably not, in my opinion. Quick show of hands, who here thinks anyone is going to care about the Playboy brand in 10 years? 5 years?

Does anyone really care now?

Brandon Cohn