Founder Thought #7

Hey team, let's get it going.

Today's a moving and tuning day. We've got equipment coming in to the factory-- more stitching machines and skiving machines. I don't think most people realize what a process it is to set up machinery for a factory. It's not just about bringing in the (right) equipment, but it's also about tuning everything perfectly.

It's not like these things are plug-and-play. You need a technician on board that knows how to calibrate everything properly. It's a skilled job, and there are very few people still doing it. We happen to have an excellent technician in New York that does all of our equipment for us, but it's tricky when things need to be adjusted mid-way through a production run.

The skiving machine is the same-- it's gotta be calibrated, tuned, etc. etc. Nothing like moving heavy equipment!


Brandon Cohn