Counter and Toe Cap

We set up something cool yesterday. When you're constructing a shoe, there's a counter and a toe cap that you need to structure inside of the upper. If you feel your shoe right now, you'll notice that the back part of the shoe is hard, and the part of the shoe where your toes are is hard. That's the counter and the toe cap.

When you're making these two parts of the shoe, you need to heat the inner material so that it becomes malleable. You then position it correctly, form it, place the upper over the last, and wait for it to cool and take shape.

The process of softening the material, before you mold it, takes time because you need to heat it. Heating it activates the material, making it malleable in the first place. Before, we were heating it by hand. But, with orders coming in quicker, we needed a more efficient way of doing this process, so we set up a convection oven in our warehouse.

Instead of heating by hand, we have the oven on a low temperature-- it's like cooking, for shoes.

Brandon Cohn