Burnishing Technique

Good morning everyone, and happy Monday. We're working on a new finish for the underside of the upper, where the foxing meets the base. Typically, when the footwear gets cleaned, there's a distinct separation between the foxing and the upper. The foxing gets a polish, the upper gets a polish, and there's a clear line between the two.

What we're working on now is a burnishing technique where it feels as though the foxing is meandering up the upper. We do this by polishing both parts but then dragging the polish up from the base. There's a drying process that needs to take place first, otherwise the colors intertwine too much and it looks messy. 

But, with the right polish composition and the right amount of time between coatings, you get this very cool look; the shoe feels more cohesive and less linear. 

The reason why most companies don't do this is that it's impossible to be 100% consistent with the burnishing from shoe to shoe. There are slight variations in every piece, which for some companies is a nightmare because the customer doesn't understand.

We like the variation and the uniqueness of each piece though, so we do it anyway.

Brandon Cohn