Communal Funding

Our production team is running a Kickstarter for a licensing company we have stock in and are in contract with. There's been a long discussion about looking for outside financing or to go communal with a social media campaign.

The benefits of the Kickstarter route are obvious-- there's no dilution, the PR is great, pre-sales make production much easier, and we get the brand off with a lot of momentum.

The disadvantages of this route are obvious too-- if the campaign bombs, it's a complete nightmare. We look like we don't know what we're doing and don't belong in the market.

Addressing this situation is more of a marketing play than anything else (less about advertising and brand strategy). Specifically, it's an analytical market play that relies on quant research that can direct how the advertising and brand strategy should dictate where times and money is put. More to come on this in the future; it's a fascinating look (for us, anyway) underneath the hood of startup strategy.

Brandon Cohn