I'm not sure if our logo game is up to par. But, maybe?

A quick Google of the top 50 brand logos brings up a standard list. Whether or not you agree with the ordering, there's not a ton to argue about if you're just looking for revenue and brand recognition: Nike, Coca-Cola, Ford, Apple... Their logos are simple, straightforward, and obviously 'of their brand.' You see a check mark and you know what's going on. You see an apple and you know what's going on.

At the moment, we're working with a watercolor of the Manhattan skyline. We think it's dope, but it doesn't exactly follow the traditional logo route. We liked it because it feels 'New American' to us. Not that we're making a comment about rural and urban but that there's something industrious about New York, and we're proud to make our products here. Made in America can connote Manhattan, if the brand strategy reflects the styling correctly.

We're also not hinging our company's success, at the moment, on an international presence. I wonder if a company needs to 'generic-afy' aspects of their brand the wider the net becomes. Brands need to be consistent, but the communication varies greatly from culture to culture.

So, for the time being, we're sticking with the Manhattan skyline. 

Brandon Cohn