Founder Thought #6

Hey Team, good morning! Let's get it.

On the docket (in no particular order):

1) We're scaling up a bit, so we invested in a few more motors and sewing machine heads.

2) We're doing a shoot with QuBed Education next week. Their mission is to 'inspire the next generation to pursue a career that aligns to their talents and passions with the universities and brands they know and trust,' which we think is awesome.

3) We've got a new production guy on board named Emelio. He's a boss. I'm going to try to get a brief bio of him on the site in the coming weeks.

4) We're interviewing for photographers. If you know anyway, please reach out.

5) We've got a neoprene line coming out soon-- very excited about it!

6) We're putting together a pitch to the Fashion Institute of Technology to run a course in NYC that uses Lee & Barrett as an educational platform for up-and-coming footwear designers.


Brandon Cohn