Last Tuesday, the NYT published an interview with Ken Burns about quilts and quilt collecting.

*Quick aside: collecting quilts is really dope. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Burns's comments struck me because it reflects some of the core values we have at L&B. He says, "They’re an essential building block of the culture that’s making them. Women working with fabrics produce something reflective of it. I collect American quilts and they tell me a lot about the country." He continues with, "Sometimes these are collective affairs, and that’s a wonderful thing, because the story of us, both the pronoun and U.S. “us,” is a tension between individual and collective freedom — what I want and what we need. It’s the essential conflict, and to me quilts reconcile that."

There's a value and a culture that gets fostered when we create. He remarks that the workers metaphorically thread their values and culture in to their quilts. I'd like to think we do something similar at L&B with our footwear-- putting our own personalities and beliefs in to the styles.

Reading Burns's conversation makes you feel proud of the best attributes of American culture. These 'best attributes' are the foundation of L&B, and it's refreshing to see it articulated so clearly by an influential documentarian.

Brandon Cohn