Coca-Cola and LaCroix

Coca-Cola's getting in to the millennial-somewhat-kind-of-health-conscious-but-not-really? market with their new line of Diet Coke flavors. Keep in mind, Coca Cola owns a slew of non-coke companies: Dasani, Glaceau Vitaminwater, Ayataka Green Tea, Fuze Tea, etc.

Even with slagging sales, it's curious that their playing with the Diet Coke brand; why mess with something so iconic when you can just acquire a new sparkling water/soda company that can compete with LaCroix more directly?

I'm all for bold moves when it comes to product development, but this feels more revolutionary than evolutionary, which is strange for such a seemingly stable brand. I guess the play for millennials is really that important to them, and apparently research is suggesting that this is the way to go.

As a millennial, I'm not sure I understand it. Flavored diet coke doesn't have the same cache as a 'cool' new drink, like what coconut water was when it first became prominent. Or, Honest Tea. Or, any of the other products that are marketed in such a way that they feel trendy and innovative.

Brandon Cohn