I'm in one of those 'it's 2:45am, I guess there's no way I'm going to sleep' kind of moods.

We're working on a few styles that use a cool neoprene finish for the backing. It's different than the typical spandex-stretch you usually find-- we're going for something a bit more comfortable. But, it's been tricky trying to find the right stitching technique to keep the leather and the neoprene secured to one another. We don't want the neoprene wearing too thin, too quickly.

When we're putting together a somewhat unusual style, there's typically an inspiration factor and then a refinement of the inspiration towards something that's workable. I love the idea of incorporating neoprene in to our styles; now, let's make sure it's comfortable/practical/quality/styled/etc.

It's one thing when you're making basic silhouettes, or silhouettes that have been tested and improved upon by other people over the years. It's something else entirely when you're making an effort to push the envelope.

It's the kind of thing that keeps you up at night.

Brandon Cohn