Kitchen Remodeling

There was an article published in the WSJ yesterday that I think is relevant to fashion design in some interesting ways. The article was about kitchen remodeling

Dallas designer Jean Liu says, “Let’s face it—the world has been a scary place this year... many of my clients are taking money they would have spent on travel and spending it on their house.” The discussion highlights that neutral toned, white/stainless steel kitchens are being replaced by more colorful kitchens; statement pieces like ovens are being cast in cobalt blues in an effort to define the kitchen as a focal point of the home.

The direct line that's drawn between how we feel emotionally in regards to our comfort in the world, and the products/services we spend our money on, is profound. There was a time (and, maybe we're still living in that time!) when experiential gifts were more important than material ones; are we shifting away from this?

And, do we choose to reinvent our living spaces for the same reason we reinvent what we wear-- to renew ourselves emotionally/socially/culturally. 

Brandon Cohn