Sunday at the Factory

Today's a factory day for us. A rainy, lazy Sunday in New York = stitching uppers! We've been cutting uppers throughout the week that we're ready to start sampling, and we've got some new stitchers that are coming in to tryout for new roles. Which reminds me: we're always looking for skilled stitchers, so if you know of any please reach out.

The extra hours we're putting in have a lot to do with the new men's line we're launching this coming Friday. We've been spending lots of time upping our 'lace' game-- visiting store fronts/new companies/manufacturers/etc. trying to find a resource that we like for more sophisticated laces. This includes eyelets and aglets.

I think we have a place ready to go as of last week, but coordinating the production is a logistical puzzle that will need patience and lots of coffee. Speaking of which... coffee; I need more of it immediately.

Our next line should be shoes that also make coffee. Or, something like that.

Brandon Cohn