Middle Names

Middle names are an opportunity for a parent to (sometimes) express themselves, or honor someone, in a way that's publicly secret. It's a tipping of the hat to those who came before and a show of respect for loved ones that parents care deeply about.

It wouldn't be obvious at first, but Lee is my middle name and Barrett is my brother's middle name. Our line is actually composed of middle names, and if you have one that's particularly important to you please feel free to submit it here. We'll try to add it to the line whenever possible.

For me, this creates an interesting character to our website. It's as if there's a community of honored individuals composing who we are and what's important to our brand.

After all, the most important part of life, and what we do every day, are the people we connect with. I think the more we can incorporate this in to the minutia of life-- like throwing on a pair of shoes-- the better.

Brandon Cohn