Sneaker Con

I posted an article last month (or, two months ago?) about the market for high-end art. A NYT article today, about sneakerheads, reminds me of this. The sneakerhead market almost feels like a high-end art market, generated around a mixture of hype/craftsmanship/public persona/etc. for a culture that's cooler than high-end art and throws less money around than high-end art.

Still, there is money being thrown around-- $30,000 for a pair of sneakers is too much, in my opinion... but, still, it's not the $Ms you see being auctioned off at Sotheby's. I love watching this stuff unfold because it's a raw look in to the people that create an industry. To some, these sneakerheads are just fanatics. Why on earth would you care that much about a pair of sneakers? But, for sneakerheads, it's not about the sneaker. It's about the culture built around sneakers. The social interactions, the status, the collecting, the capturing, the action. When you think of it in more visceral terms, it makes perfect sense.

Isn't it a lot like asking, why do you like the food/sports/clothes/entertainment/___ that you like? Because, it makes you feel good. It gives you purpose. It puts you in to flow. It helps you identify yourself. It helps you express yourself. It helps you discover how to express yourself.

Brandon Cohn