Satin-Spandex Wrap

Our designers came up with a very cool stitch-less women's style yesterday. The upper has a wrapped look to it, and then there's a satin-spandex wrap added around the top which then curves underneath the sole on a slight angle. It gives this fluid look-- almost like the upper is in motion, falling around the edges and then rising back up the other side.

It was a great moment when they brought the shoe out to us because the engineering of the style is exceptional, and we all had a similar idea to broaden the line out by using different satin-spandex wraps to differentiate one style from the next. It's kind of like the containing aspect of the shoe (in this case, the wrap) becomes the focal point of the design and the white space for creating an innovative look/line.

It also becomes a versatile style because we can develop out this category by changing the wrap we're using. Neoprene/pure spandex/elastic/mixed material/etc. are all different options.

We're pushing to have our first style in this line posted by the weekend.

Brandon Cohn