The hype around Amazon's new HQ2 is enormous. For months (years?) articles have been flying around about bidding wars, tax havens, and art installations being used for grabbing Amazon's attention.

Less discussed is the fear other businesses have about what would ostensibly be a doom's day scenario if Amazon opened shop #2 next door. The WSJ dives into this with an article posted early this morning. Lauren Weber and Lauren Steven's opening paragraph says it all, "Amazon.com Inc. AMZN 1.42% plans to hire thousands of people in the area it picks as a second home from a shortlist of 20 locations. That’s worrying other companies because it could become more difficult to attract talent if the behemoth moves into their backyard."

Which makes me think-- is Amazon thinking about this move solely in terms of how it can benefit itself, or are they also strongly considering how it can trounce out potential competition? For example, setting up in New Jersey seemed odd to me, but perhaps opening HQ2 next door to Jet.com would make a nice, aggressive, impressive statement that any up-and-coming unicorn should just back off.

Brandon Cohn