Founder Thought #10

Hey team, happy snowy Thursday. At least, for the East Coast.

Things on the docket:
1) Our first licensing opportunity is moving forward at a steady clip. More to come. Maybe next month?
2) We're trying a new production method where we focus on hand stitching. We think it'll make us more eco-friendly and help employ more people.
3) I've been introduced to the wonders of a N'Espresso Machine... genius.
3a) Speaking of which-- caffeine anyone? Best discovery ever. It's good for you, right? Right?

We're playing around with different ways of representing our product online. We might go for a 360-degree format for some of our styles. I'm looking to make the online experience more interactive for everyone. It's one of the (obvious) downsides of an e-shopping experience; the experience isn't tactile. In fact, all you have at your disposal is sight, so it better be engaging.

What's the difference between drawing someone's attention and commanding someone's attention? Does a business need to do both?

Brandon Cohn