Stitching, stitching, stitching, the constant dilemma for any footwear company. Why? Many reasons, but one is that machine stitching requires a large upfront expense and very specialized individuals to work the machinery properly. On the business end, you need to be throwing high volume, standardized product through a lot of this equipment in order to make it cost effective.

Hand stitching is a great alternative, but it needs to be done very precisely so that it doesn't look messy. Special equipment is needed for this as well, but it doesn't require the type of volume to make it cost effective. Doing it this way gives a company flexibility to make more bespoke (less generic...) product.

Some companies try to circumvent this problem all together by exclusively using one-piece uppers. This way, stitching is kept to a minimum. They call it 'boutique' and slap a hefty price tag on it. Maybe you've experienced this before.

Some one-piece uppers are wonderful though!-- creative, sleek, everything you're looking for.

Brandon Cohn