Digital Antidote

Thoughtful article in the NYT last week about live theater and coping with a virtual world. Notably, Ayad Akhtar writes, "Indeed, at its best, it’s the experience of us as one mind, one heart, one body. That live performance can synchronize the heartbeats of an audience is no surprise to any of us who ply our trade in the theater. Certainly not to any writer or director or designer who has lived through four weeks of previews trying to get those heartbeats to sync up."

The 'design' element I thought was interesting, because it's a consistent part of culture regardless of whether we're looking at something physically or virtually. Here, Akhtar is discussing live theater, but design takes many forms, including fashion.

Do we need to all be in the same physical space to feel the effects of this togetherness? Do we need to be in the same brick-and-mortar store, or at the same runway show, looking at the same product? Or, is there a more innovative way to tap in to this human connection that's more in line with how we go about our everyday, not just on the off occasions that we're all in the same physical space, sharing the same experience.

Brandon Cohn