Ancestry DNA

Saw a great spot from Ancestry DNA last night.

It's a 60 second AD, and they take the first 50 seconds to set it up. Close ups of olympic athletes frame the intro-- different sports, different ethnicities, different challenges. But, there's still something unifying about each scene. There's something profound in that each frame, although different in the literal actions taking place, thread together seamlessly because they all show an individual who's focused, determined, and overcoming.

Even though it's about the individual, it's still unifying. Everyone is collectively experiencing something similar. 

10 seconds left, and the screen goes black: "We tested the DNA of these American sports heroes and found America's greatness comes from everywhere."

Perfect, because it's true. And, it represents the best of American values. Is there anything to argue about? No. Is there anything divisive? No.

Is it empowering? Absolutely. And, what's more, it makes me feel like Ancestry DNA is empowering, too.

Brandon Cohn