I posted a blog on audio a couple days ago, and it has me thinking about how audio plays in to branding and whether it's utilized enough. 5 senses: sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste.

With fashion, we're obviously leaning on sight and touch. But, in digital, isn't there opportunity to incorporate audio somehow?

I don't mean music in the background of a website... nobody wants that. But, why not a curated playlist that aligns with the brand? Some way to have engagement with the brand outside of the 'shopping' experience. Do we even shop anymore?.. Or, do we peruse and click? I think there's a difference. Shopping is more like something that gets incorporated in to your day; it's not an event.

Which means that staying power for a brand needs to incorporate other outlets of engagement that don't directly correspond with purchases. Why? Because, if you keep screaming out over the stratosphere to 'buy my product' you become decidedly needy. Nobody wants that, and you definitely don't want your brand to be that.

I like the idea of a curated playlist. I think if a brand is able to stand behind music, it shows a level of thoughtfulness and cultural engagement. It also demands you take a stand about what you believe in and what you feel. Good music forces you to do that anyway.

Brandon Cohn