Define Your America

We were talking about our brand yesterday, and the line 'Define Your America' came up. It struck us as something worth developing-- 'Define Your America,' what does that really mean?

Define: state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of.

It's simple, but I think this is what we are all collectively doing. We're all trying to explore and identify the nature, scope, and meaning of what America should be.

It's not about footwear or product but rather an internal focus our company has about why L&B should exist and another reason to believe in its value. It's difficult to draw a direct line between emphasizing these values internally and the product we sell, but it does somehow make its way in to our merchandise.

The written copy that gets posted is a quick, pithy line, but the strategy is something more integral. It's as if the true L&B evangelists understand what the company represents, and the product becomes a vehicle for expressing this company while adding to the individual's feeling of self and American identity.

LEE AND BARRETT | Define Your America

Brandon Cohn