La Colombe

I spent yesterday morning working at a La Colombe. Specifically, their E 4th Street and Lafayette location.

One of the first things you'll notice here is that the place is couched by Barry’s Bootcamp Noho and Soul Cycle. By association, La Colombe must be where fit New Yorkers go, and it literally becomes where fit New Yorkers go; every hour, on the hour, the latest class gets out and at least some post-exercise, Lululemon dressed, weekend warriors push through the front door, adding themselves to the coffee queue.

It’s as if this shop builds a vibe of positive energy because of the people it entices, which becomes free, organic media. You don’t need to be seated here to see it either. Enormous glass windows line the sides— voyeurs are welcome.

The Reason’s to Believe are apparent once you look around the place, too. The coffee is packaged beautifully, there's flowers, there's bright sun (being on the south east corner of the street while the sun rises is no coincidence, in my opinion), there's pastries. The details are obvious too, like coffee-on-tap, and free room temperature, cold, and sparkling water. *Note, they don’t call it 'free.' They simply say, ‘Everyone on Earth should have access to clean water.’

La Colombe (at least, this location), definitely walks the walk.

Brandon Cohn